Discover Yourself

Tiferes Zion is more than just a classic yeshiva program. It makes learning exciting and brings out the talents you didn’t know you possessed. You will learn how to learn and even more important, to learn to love learning. Rabbeim who are there for and who have mastered the art of hearing what you have to say will address unanswered questions and issues. You will discover yourself and how Torah is relevant to your lifestyle. Judaism will speak to you and become a meaningful and vibrant part of your life.

“A Rebbe is a Friend and a Friend is a Rebbe”

When this was said at our Grand Siyum by one of our students, another added, “the friends you make here are for a life time.”  If you are ready to experience a most amazing year of growth and exploration, if you are ready to discover how exciting Torah can be, Tiferes Zion is for you.

The Tiferes Zion Maalot Program

The Yeshiva’s Maalot program, in coordination with Neve Yerushalayim, is a fully accredited College Degree Liberal Arts program. Students are able to earn academic credits toward a Bachelor of Arts degree from The Excelsior College of Albany, New York, which is accredited by The Middle States Association of Colleges and A.C.E.

Through a combination of credits earned from both Judaic study classes and academic subjects being offered at the Excelsior College Israel Study Abroad Program (ISAP), one may complete all of the requirements for a BA within two years of study.

For those yeshiva students wanting to reinforce basic math, English, history and social studies skills, the Yeshiva offers both formal and individualized academic programs tailored to the needs of each individual student. All of the academic programs, whether formal or informal, are done within the context of the philosophy of learning in the Yeshiva.


Our dormitory accommodations are spacious and comfortable. Resident dorm counselors help you with personal issues. There are three students to a room, with ample closet and desk space as well as central heating. In our dining room students enjoy nourishing meals prepared with American tastes in mind.

Tiferes has a full and well lit outdoor basketball court and participates in organized flag football and softball leagues. During recreation time the yeshiva has a weight and exercise room. The recreation room boasts a full size pool table and we have a well equipped music and jamming room.